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Things you need to know to work in the UK

Things you need to know to work in the UK The UK has a number of strict requirements that non-European migrants must follow in order to be considered for employment in their country. As a country with one of the ...

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ELT news – The Second Foreign Languages Forum: Things you should not miss

Thessaloniki 7 April Grand Hotel Palace • The Panel Discussion Κυριακή 14:30-15:55 Εκπρόσωποι των British Council, Cambridge ESOL, City & Guilds, KPG, Anatolia College and HAU θα συζητήσουν για το μέλλον της πιστοποίησης ξένων γλωσσών και τον τρόπο που βαθμολογούν. ...

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The examination arena – part 2 (and how to sort things out)

  Now that all things in Greece are going to the dogs and everything looks to get out of hand day by day, talking about exams seems to be a joke since fewer and fewer students show interest in learning ...

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