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PTE helped me study, now it helps my family

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Sadia Khurram

University of Wales Business and Management Graduate, Sadia Khurram was first inspired to study in the UK whilst undertaking her Masters English Literature degree at the University of Peshawar Pakistan.

Test_Taker_Testimonial_PTESadia explained: “I automatically had a picture in my mind of the UK from my English degree, from reading the Bronte sisters and such like and this is where my love of the UK started and why I wanted to study here.”

She also felt that, although she was already highly qualified, learning English and moving overseas would open up many new doors for her. Shadia said “I wanted to learn English because although I knew I was educated, I realised it would make me more confident to try different things.”

This is where her story with PTE Academic began. Speaking about her experience preparing for the test, which she took in 2011, Sadia said “The course content, help and advice and guidance – everything was amazing and helpful.”

Since then PTE Academic has taken her all the way through her University acceptance, to getting her a job whilst studying here helping Pakistan students apply for visas due to her ability to speak both English and Urdu, through to enabling her to live her present everyday life as a full time married mum in Scotland.

Sadia sums up: “After taking this test I always felt comfortable and confident going to GPs, supermarkets, banks, for example. Learning English through PTE Academic has continued to be useful in my everyday life – not just for me but for my children as well. We decided to teach them English so they could assimilate fully as we are living in the UK. This is the skill and power that PTE Academic gave me.”

PTE Academic


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