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New Course Dates for our Cambridge CELTA courses in 2017

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2016 was a great year for us. With our CELTA courses growing steadily every year since we first received our Cambridge approvals, it meant that our old centre, the neo-classical building on Academias street where we trained hundreds of students since CELT moved there in 1993, was too small to contain all the training activity and free adult classes which form the heart of any good CELTA course.

At the end of May of this year, we moved to new and much more spacious premises, very close to our previous address, in the heart of Athens.

We are thrilled with our new centre!  It’s so true that learning spaces can inspire teachers and learners with new energy, and we have been truly energised by the new CELT centre.

Here are some photos taken from lessons and training classes!




Since our move at the end of May, we have already run several CELTA courses with more than 100 trainees graduating successfully!  Our pass rates remain among the highest in the world!

So, make the best decision for your teaching career. Choose us for our

  • experienced and highly qualified trainers
  • excellent success rates consistent since we started offering the CELTA
  • inspiring learning space in our newly acquired premises
  • outstanding connections with the ELT profession
  • very strong presence in social media and the blogosphere
  • reasonably priced accommodation for overseas trainees
  • excellence in presenting at local and international conferences
  • reputation for high quality in training, mentoring and supporting trainees
  • continued support to our trainees even after the end of their course
  • networking trainees with an international community of teachers and specialists
  • superb location for study as well as explorations of Athens, a living museum of human history


Visit our website to find out more about the content and structure of our courses.  Follow the links below

Over and above all these great reasons why CELT Athens should be the ideal destination for obtaining this internationally recognised accreditation, is our dedication to excellence in teacher education and our commitment to principles of equity in employment opportunities for our trainees.

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