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Test your English knowledge and take the TOEIC exam!

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Test your English knowledge and take the TOEIC exam!

The new academic year is about to start and all English teachers are ready to prepare their students for several English exams for another time with passion and dedication. I personally prepare students for several exams as well and with this I would like to write about TOEIC, a very popular and reliable English examination and make some things clear about it.

TOEIC is an examination in a multiple choice format where listening and reading are thoroughly tested while writing and speaking are optional and thus it is ideal for learners who are struggling with the latter skills. There is no fail score as it is a scaled score exam but time is very limited and listening items are heard only once, so we should not underestimate it as an easy one.

TOEIC is globally recognized and accepted by many universities, colleges and educational organizations all over the world. From my own experience, even universities- both in Greece and abroad- which do not officially include the TOEIC examination in their list of English language certifications as a prerequisite for university entry at undergraduate or postgraduate level, do accept it, as long as you let them know about this option as well! So, you’d better check it out.

TOEIC is also among the English examinations on the ASEP (Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection) list providing successful Greek candidates with English certifications at B1, B2 and C1 level which are valid FOR LIFE and NOT for two years, as some teachers or students may falsely believe. Instead, the two year validation policy applies to ALL English language proficiency exams regarding undergraduate or postgraduate studies abroad.

Finally, the TOEIC examination is very flexible as candidates may sit it very frequently throughout the academic year all over Greece, while registering even some days before the examination date and getting their examination results within eleven days! So, you do not have to be anxious about meeting the traditionally two examination deadlines in winter and spring respectively.

To sum up, I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart the ETS (Educational Testing Service) office of the Examinations and Certifications Department at the Hellenic American Union and especially Mrs Batagianni Anna and Mr Bantzis Stratos for their tremendous support, guidance and flexibility regarding the HAU English examinations, whenever needed and always to the Greek students’ best advantage.

With all due respect,

Christos Emmanouil-  English teacher, author and consultant.

BA (Honors) English language and literature, Diploma of Higher Education in Humanities


P.S: This letter is published out of my need as an English teacher to acknowledge the special support and services provided by the ETS, while making clear that there is no vested interest of mine, as I do not work for or (in) directly co-operate with the HAU or the ETS.

You may all have a prosperous and constructive academic year!


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