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D.E.S. – Workshop «Adapting your Coursebook for Learners with SpLDs»

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Dear colleagues,

We are organizing a workshop «Adapting your Coursebook for Learners with SpLDs» with Dr. Anne Margaret Smith and Mrs. Anastasia Metallinou, Saturday, 13 February 2016, 16.00-19.00, Stratos Vassilikos Hotel, Michalakopoulou 114, Athens.

«Adapting your Coursebook for Learners with SpLDs»

Working with a group that includes a dyslexic learner may seem difficult; perhaps you are worried that your dyslexic student will require a lot of extra materials that you will not have enough time to prepare.  This workshop will reassure you that with a bit of clever organisation and some small changes to your classroom management, you can keep using the same textbook, and still make sure that all your learners can be included.

After establishing what the main challenges are likely to be for a dyslexic learner using a typical EFL course book, we will offer an overview of some general principles that will help you to ‘work smarter – not longer’!  Finally, there will be an opportunity to apply these principles to your own teaching practice.

Please bring with you a text book that you are currently using or that you are familiar with.

Participation Fee: 30 euros To register click here.


15.30-16.00 Registration and exhibition

16.00-19.00 Workshop «Adapting your Coursebook for Learners with SpLDs»

19.15-19.45 English Sounds Fun commercial presentation *

19.45-20.15 ELT well commercial presentation *

*Τhe commercial presentations are FREE and attendance is not compulsory. Teachers who are not planning to attend the 3hr workshop are welcome to attend the free commercial presentations. There will also be an exhibition where visitors can browse the ESF and ELT well materials.

English Sounds Fun is the first highly structured and self-contained teaching method worldwide designed specifically for dyslexic learners of English as a foreign language. Using an innovative methodology, ESF introduces the sounds of English through fun, multisensory activities. Students learn how to recognize and produce the sounds, before matching them to the letters that most commonly represent them. Structured phonics work is combined with a language experience approach to literacy development, so that learners begin to read and write familiar words naturally and effortlessly. www.EnglishSoundsFun.com

ELT well aims to help teachers support dyslexic learners by bringing together the best research-based practice from the fields of English Language Teaching and SpLD support. We offer advice and training on a range of language- and disability-related issues as well as providing resources for teachers, such as the assessment suite “Cognitive Assessments for Multilingual Learners” (CAML). ELT well also offers bespoke English language programmes for dyslexic learners who need a different way of developing their language skills. www.ELTwell.co.uk

Upcoming events:

– 33rd Thessaloniki IP Exhibition, Saturday & Sunday, 19/20 March 2016, The MET Hotel, Thessaloniki. For more information click here.

– 33rd Athens IP Exhibition, Saturday & Sunday, 2/3 April 2016, Divani Caravel Hotel, Athens. For more information click here.

Looking forward to welcoming you at our workshop.

Adapting your Coursebook for learners with SpLDs, 13 February 2016, Flyer

Sincerely yours,

Philip Dietschi

Dietschi Educational Services



Chariton 5

17564 Paleo Faliro

Tel: +30 211 715 7375




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