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NEW Press Release from Pearson 10 Feb 2016

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Pearson Tests of English General in Greece

The world’s leading learning company Pearson is today announcing exciting new developments for its Tests of English in Greece, in line with the international growth of its English portfolio.

The NEW Partner in Greece and Cyprus, is Universal Certification Solutions (Unicert), part of the established Europroodos Group. Unicert is a Certification Body, licensed by E.O.P.P.E.P, E.S.Y.D, EQA, ISO/ IEC, founded by experienced academic and certification professionals to provide quality service, and flexible, innovative solutions.

Unicert will be representing and PTE GENERAL and PTE ACADEMIC

Unicert will have exclusivity in conducting PTE General examinations throughout Greece and Cyprus. The next exam sessions are scheduled as follows:

Saturday 21st May 2016    B1,C2

Sunday 22nd May 2016    B2,C1

Pearson is organising a series of professional seminars across 5 cities in Greece, engaging directly with the Private language schools and the teachers.

Seminar Schedule:

15/02/16 Chania Samaria Hotel 69, Kidonias Str 1866 Square , Chania
16/02/16 Eracleio Galaxy Hotel 75 Dimokratias Ave. Eracleio
17/02/16 Thessaloniki Electra Palace Hotel 9 Aristotelous ,Thessaloniki
18/02/16 Athens Titania Hotel 52 Panepistimiou St , Athens
19/02/16 Patras Vyzantino Hotel 106 Riga Fereou, Patra

To Register, visit www.pearsonpte.com

More information

If you would like to speak to Pearson or Unicert about this Press Release, please contact


Ioanna Chalkia

T: 211 4804448

E: ioanna.chalkia@pearson.com


Klairy Petraki,

E: klairy.petraki@pearson.com


Kyriakos Thomakos,

T: (+30) 210 38 01 129 – 130, 210 33 01 252

E: kyriakos.thomakos@unicert.gr

Alternatively, you can find more information online at:

For more information about Pearson’s Test of English, please see pearsonpte.com

For more information on Pearson, please see www.pearson.com

For more information on Unicert, please see www.unicert.gr


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