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Pearson Press Release – Expansion of Pearson Tests of English in Greece

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Expansion of Pearson Tests of English in Greece

The world’s leading learning company Pearson, is today announcing exciting new developments for its Tests of English in Greece, in line with the international growth of its English portfolio.


Pearson is pleased to announce a partnership with Universal Certification Solutions (Unicert) that enables people to purchase PTE Academic test vouchers in Greece.

PTE Academic, the leading computer-based test of English for study abroad and immigration, is available to take in Athens. The test delivers fast, secure test results, typically available within five business days.

Universal Certification Solutions (Unicert) is part of the established Europroodos Group. Unicert is a Certification Body, licensed by E.O.P.P.E.P, E.S.Y.D, EQA, ISO/IEC, founded by experienced academic and certification professionals to provide quality service, and flexible, innovative solutions.

PTE GENERAL – Expansion.

At the same time Pearson is also announcing changes to its provision of PTE General in Greece and Cyprus, to support the international growth of these important English tests.

After 12 years of successful partnership, Pearson has decided not to renew the contract with LTE Hellas, the current partner in Greece for PTE general examinations. This contract expires on 10th February 2016.

Pearson will provide further details about its new provider for PTE General examinations in next communication, in due course. The May 2016 examinations will be conducted with no disruption, in collaboration with Palso, The Panhellenic Federation of Language School Owners, on Saturday 21st May.

For the students assessed in December 2015, the results and certificates will be delivered by Palso as normal.

For the May 2016 PTE General exams, candidates are advised to contact Palso (Attiki Candidates excluded).

For the PTE General Exams in Attiki region, candidates are advised to contact Pearson.

PTE General will now also be available in Cyprus for the first time, with Pearson partner Unicert.



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