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Θέματα Κ.Π.Γ. Μάϊος 2015

Δημοσιεύτηκε: 9:09 μμ Μάιος 12th, 2015  


Θέματα Μαΐου 2015

  1. ΑΓΓΛΙΚΑ_Α_2015
  2. ΑΓΓΛΙΚΑ_Β_2015
  3. ΑΓΓΛΙΚΑ_Γ_2015


2 Σχόλια

  1. Στελλα Παπαργύρη

    I would just like to inform you that the Ascolto examination for KPG was just impossible, the volume was very low and the actual ascolto was definitely more than level B2
    You must do something about this. It is not right!


    • Stella, above, is absolutely right!
      I’m a Greek and even if the listening (Italian B2-1) was in Greek, I would have great difficulties understanding it!
      Please, it’s unfair for all of us who are adults with many other things to handle.
      Give us a chance!
      For me Ascolto was devestating.

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