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Special Offer for the CELTA in May 2015

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Special Offer for the CELTA in May 2015

Not 1.610,00 but 1.210,00 euros

You save 400 Euros

25% discount

A one-time offer

The Cambridge CELTA course is, probably, the most popular, the best know TEFL/TESOL qualification on the globe with candidates from all countries and nationalities seeking to qualify through it.
May is a great time of the year to follow it as it may give you the opportunity to find a summer job in the UK where many of our candidates work each year – it’s a great experience and a fantastic opportunity to work in a professional environment where professional training is appreciated and paid for appropriately!!!!
You can follow this course any time of the year – for more, please check our dates on the link below.

Our TEFL Course dates at a Glance! 

N.B. This offer is only good for our May course and tuition cannot be transferred to a later course.
Are you eligible? 
Check this page for full information on the course requirements, syllabus and process of applying – acceptance is not automatic but tuition, normally 1450 Euros + 160 euros for the Cambridge assessment – is only a total of 1210 euros for May


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