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Delta Module 1 Preparation Online mini course

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This mini online course will include 4 sessions lasting 3 hours each. It is intended as a familiarisation with the exam tasks, how to approach them and how they are marked.

It is not intended as a content introduction course, in other words, if you have not studied the content from the books on the reading list or perhaps from a list compiled by advice from a centre or colleagues, the course will not help you.

Where sessions will be held

All sessions will be online in our online virtual classroom which is in Adobe Connect Pro

Please note This is a live sessions course where you can see, hear and speak to the tutor and other course participants 

See image below – an example of one of our current Delta online trainees 

To participate you MUST HAVE:

  • a fast internet connection
  • a headset and, if possible,
  • a webcam (this is not essential but will enhance communication with the tutor)


Our Online Classroom in Adobe Connect Pro

Participants will be able to download all handouts or presentation materials used in their virtual classroom, including sample past exam papers and examiner reports 

Two mock examination papers will be sent to all participants to use for timed practice before the exam.

For a small additional fee you can receive detailed feedback on ONE of these two mock exams if you submit by the 20th of May and no later.

Option A – Weekdays 

Dates: 05, 07, 08, 12 May 2015

Times:  09:00 – 12:30 BST

Maximum No of Attendees: 18 

OPTION B – Weekends

Dates: 09, 10, 16, 17 of May 2015   

Times:  14:00 – 17:30 BST 

Maximum No of Attendees: 18 

How to Apply

Tuition fees must be prepaid – tuition for the course is 120 euros 

For an additional 30 euros, you can have feedback on one Mock exam paper.

Please send your email to info@celt.edu.gr and we will contact you with application and payment details.

All applications must be received by May 1st 


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