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At last, enhanced… (του Χρήστου Εμμανουήλ)

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At last, enhanced…

We have been recently informed from the HAU official website about the new ECCE and ECPE enhanced result reporting system (which will be put into effect from May 2014 regarding the ECCE and October 2014 regarding ECPE), according to which all candidates will receive a scaled numeric score for all four parts of each exam but most importantly that examinees whose average score for all four sections is equal to 650 or higher (on a numeric scoring scale of 0-1000 for each part) will pass the exam and receive a certificate!

That was definitely a huge surprise but also a significant initiative on behalf of the CaMLA (Cambridge Michigan language assessments) for all students and teachers all around the world, not to mention a fervent wish and hope on teachers’ and students’ part for many years now.

The truth is that the scoring system for the ECCE and the ECPE exams so far, (where getting a Fail mark just in one of the four parts: Writing, Listening, GCVR, Oral Interview, or two Borderline Fails, leading to a final Fail result, although a student may have got even two to three Passes or Honor Passes in the other parts of the exams), has been rather disheartening for teachers teaching them but most crucially for students taking them, thus making both ECCE and ECPE regarded as tricky and risky exam choices compared to others.

Bearing in mind that a Borderline Fail or a Fail mark may be very close to Low Pass or Borderline Fail marks respectively and the absence of rescoring for the Oral section (ultimately affecting the final outcome of the exam), making the decision to take the Michigan exams has been students’ and teachers’ main concern and discouragement.

I personally have been among hundreds of teachers underlining the ‘problematic’ scoring system of the Michigan exams through official letters to the University of Michigan, passionately asking for it to be changed into one where candidates will get an overall score. Taking into account that renowned universities like that of Cambridge in the UK  apply the overall scoring system in their exams still being regarded equal to the Michigan ones, it can be easily concluded that it was more than necessary for the later exams to change for the students’ good.

I have been in touch with several people who work in the HAU for many years now and despite their understanding and accepting that the Michigan scoring system so far may be discouraging for both students and teachers they could do nothing about it as that was up to the University, as it is now proved.

However, we should thank both the University of Michigan but certainly the CaMLA institution, who took our concerns and suggestions into consideration, providing us and our students with this enhanced results reporting system at last. This new scoring and result reporting system will certainly enhance students’ confidence and performance when being examined while dispensing full justice to those who may not perform well in one or two parts of the exam, due to an unexpected illness on the exam day or due to their skills not being equally developed or limited by nature.

Furthermore, the fact that students and teachers will get a numeric score for all four parts of the exam and specially the Speaking and Writing sections, where up to now they get a general (High/Low) Pass, (Borderline) Fail result, will give them a clearer idea about the students’ performance and weaknesses to be corrected in future examinations.

Finally, I have to acknowledge for another time CaMLA’s decision to change the ECCE and the ECPE result scoring system which will definitely benefit students, establishing both of them as the most student friendly exams held all over Greece and worldwide!

In addition, I feel the inclination to thank all the Hellenic American Union personnel for their professional but above all human support and service all these years, respecting students’ and teachers’ needs, being flexible and tremendously helpful on special occasions.Among them Mrs Alexiou Helen, Mrs Batagianni Anna and Mrs Lardikou Lenia who are always willing to give detailed instructions and useful advice whenever asked.


With all due respect,


Christos Emmanouil


English teacher, consultant and author




P.S: This article is published out of my need as an English teacher preparing students for several English exams to hail the development and enhancement of the University of Michigan exams and recognize the HAU personnel’s professionalism always for the students’ sake, while there is no vested interest of mine as I do not work for or (in) directly co-operate with the HAU.


Ο κος Εμμανουήλ Χρήστος είναι καθηγητής της Αγγλικής, αρθογράφος στην εφημερίδα ’ELT News’ και συγγραφέας βιβλίων που αφορούν την διδασκαλία της Αγγλικής γλώσσας. Η πολύχρονη διδακτική του εμπειρία στη προετοιμασία υποψηφίων σε επίσημες εξετάσεις πιστοποίησης της Αγγλικής, η συνεργασία του με εκδοτικούς οίκους ξενόγλωσσης εκπαίδευσης καθώς και η συμμετοχή του ως εξεταστής προφορικών σε επίσημες εξετάσεις πιστοποίησης της Αγγλικής, σε συνδυασμό με την Πανεπιστημιακή του κατάρτιση αλλα πάνω απ’ όλα το πάθος του για την Αγγλική Γλώσσα, τον καθιστούν έναν άρτιο επαγγελματία και έναν εν γένει ευσυνείδητο δάσκαλο.


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