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The Beast Within-Part 3 (The Beast on show)

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The Beast Within-Part 3 (The Beast on show)

It’s been a while since the first part of the trilogy ‘The Beast Within’ -The (Golden) dawn of the Greek morality was published and things seem to be getting ‘off track’ in Athens. While ‘The Beast Within-Bulling the Bullies’ (Part 2) would focus on the Golden dawn far right activists, making a fuss over a play with a really unorthodox scenario in the center of Athens and the action of the so called ‘bullies’, a foreigner’s killing in the middle of the street followed to fill in the puzzle of hate and racism.

However, their action seems to be unstoppable, as another two far right activists bearing guns and knives were recently caught by the police. ‘And then what?’ someone might think. Is this the end or just the start of a new nightmare covered in the mantle of nationalism and devotion to a sinking country?

Well, there is no answer since Greece is definitely a country in turmoil, not to mention that in times of upheaval and unrest, violence and crime are bound to come to the front.

On the other hand, not only far right enthusiasts are reported or rumored to commit crimes but fervent fans of the far left too, calling themselves anti-establishment activists.

So, while the latter would blame nationalists for breaking the law in several ways- mainly targeting foreigners-, they  would play ‘hide and seek’ with the police officers by (re) occupying state buildings long abandoned by the state, having the police forcing them out or put bombs at several journalists’ houses, at the same time.

More recently, some others would be adventurously arrested after a wild human chase, having a bank burglary and a bomb scare (in a most public place) in their record, while accusing police officers for abuse during custody. The situation got even worse though some days ago, when a small group of people (rumored to be far left fans) put a whole factory in the province on fire, while threatening to burn its guards alive!

Indignant rebels or  inhuman terrorists, fanatic saviors of the nation or furious dictatorship worshipers (you name their ‘field’).What’s sad  about all these individuals is that, in their majority, they are young people committing crimes in the name of democracy, freedom and fairness, while using weapons to dispense justice their own unjust way…

Surprisingly enough, according to police evidence, their educational and social background shows that violence cannot be put into a single cast; it can spread anywhere and poison all human souls. So, we could conclude that apart from the education one may get at school, the schooling s/he receives at home is also crucial. But again, there is no much to do on educators’ part without the family’s support and guidance.

Unfortunately, nothing changes as politicians do nothing but denounce each other for wrong policies and outright scandals. They turn a blind eye to the tragic situation they have long brought Greece to, while putting new stricter measures into effect and yet ‘whimpering’ over a country’s open grave. In reality, they are nothing less than smartly dressed, economic murderers in ties and suits, ‘shooting’ against a nation they have betrayed years now, in a rigid game, always in league with the international ‘gold diggers’ of globalization.

Some may call the whole situation ‘chaos’, while some others may call it ‘catastrophe’. Well, I would call it ‘collapse’, collapse of a country into desperation and impoverishment.

That’s why we need a real hero, a real rebel, a real patriot to be in charge. A Greek to save the dignity of this country and do his best to do justice to a ‘weathered’ nation of a proud race about to extinct.

The beast is now on show, along with thousands of strikers fighting for their rights. It has several faces and ways it shows up and it’s high time somebody stopped it before too late.


God bless Greece- (February 2013)

Christos Emmanouil

English teacher, author and columnist



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