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Webinar on Business English Certificates – BEC (27/2/2013)

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Do not miss Cambridge English Language Assessment’s webinar for BEC which will be hosted on the Cambridge English Teacher website:

Webinar 1: Success in Business English teaching
27 February 2013 at 15:00 GMT
If you were a training manager looking for a Business English trainer, what would you want?
To be attractive to customers a good Business English trainer needs to bring something more to the table than just a teaching certificate and experience. This webinar will look at some of these additional requirements for success in the Business English field and makes suggestions to help you polish your profile.
Presenter: James Schofield
James Schofield has taught Business English in Asia and Europe and now works as s senior consultant for Siemens in Munich. He has written course books for various publishers and also writes the short stories for Business Spotlight. He is currently working on a full-length novel and you can follow his use of creative techniques, give him constructive feedback or simply be entertained by him tearing his hair out by looking at his blog, here:
To Register
These webinars will be hosted on the Cambridge English teacher website.

  • Visit this link https://www.cambridge…rg/webinar-list
  • Click on one of the two BEC webinar titles as in the email above. You will need to register individually for each.
  • When you click on one of the titles you either need to “sign in”, if you are already a member, or “register” for free to the site. Cambridge English Teacher offers teachers a wealth of resources in addition to running regular webinars and you can register for free if you subscribe as a “Guest” member.
  • You will then be emailed details of the event with a link prior to the webinar.

Link to the BEC webpages


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