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The sixth edition of the Global Junior Challenge

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The sixth edition of the Global Junior Challenge

Registration is now underway for the Global Junior Challenge, the international competition that rewards the innovative use of technology for training, solidarity and intercultural cooperation. Promoted by the Municipality of Rome the GJC is hosted every two years by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale under the High Patronage of the Italian Presidency.

The GJC is a unique opportunity to reflect on the importance of the challenges posed by 21st century education and the role of technology in didactic innovation, social innnovation, development and the reduction of world poverty. This year there will also be other special categories, a novelty for the 2012 edition: “ICT for the integration of immigrants and refugees” in collaboration with the United Nations Alliance Civilization (UNAOC), “ICT for sustainable environmental development” in partnership with Legambiente and “ICT for the Social Participation of Youth” in collaboration with UNAOC to promote projects developed by the new generations that produced true social change.

ΑΥΤΟ ΤΟ ΔΙΑΒΑΣΕΣ;  Την Άνοιξη οι προκαταρκτικές εξετάσεις των υποψηφίων για τις Σχολές Στρατού, Αστυνομίας, Πυροσβεστικής και Λιμενικού Σώματος


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