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TESOL Greece – Call for Participation 34th Annual International Convention

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The 34th Annual TESOL Greece International Convention
“Innovation – Motivation – Education”
VENUE: The Hellenic American Union,
22 Massalias St., Kolonaki, Athens
30th – 31st Mar ch 2013

Convention Objectives
“Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity.” Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC. Greek philosopher). At the dawn of a new era, educators need to be the ones who inspire and motivate their learners often by introducing and implementing innovation in their daily practice. The convention gives the opportunity to EFL educators from all pover the world to exchange experience and ideas, share knowledge, innovative and motivating practices they can adopt. The event offers a weekend of professional development on important facets of the ELT experience through presentations, workshops, discussion groups, colloquia and poster presentations on all aspects of ELT.

Important information
Please note also that a professional presentation should not be used to advance a book, publisher, author, course or examination. TESOL Greece Members are particularly sensitive to the distinction between commercial and professional presentations.

What topics are encouraged?
We encourage you to participate as speakers with topics related to innovative practices in the ESL/EFL class aiming at motivating students and providing them with high quality educational experience.

Types of proposals

Workshop (45 minutes)
A Practice-Oriented presentation which shows, rather than tells, a technique for promoting innovation and motivation in the classroom. The presenter helps participants solve a problem or develop a specific technique through a series of structured hands-on activities.

Talk (45 minutes)
A formal instructive talk given by (a) subject specialist(s).

Poster presentation
A self-explanatory exhibit that allows participants to engage in informal discussion with the presenter(s). It is based on the creative combination of text, graphics and visuals.

Discussion Group (45 minutes)
A discussion group offers participants the opportunity to discuss a hot topic in TESOL. The presenter(s) have a strong knowledge of the designated topic and engage the audience members in a discussion of their views on the particular topic.

Colloquium (90 minutes)
A forum for a group of educators or scholars to formally present and discuss current TESOL issues. Presenters
exchange papers in advance and formally respond to each other’s positions. The colloquium organizer is responsible for securing participants who represent various viewpoints in the field before submitting a proposal. A colloquium may not have more than seven panelists including the leader.

Responsibilities of presenters
• All presenters will refrain from changing the content of their session once it has been approved
• Provide handouts for the anticipated number of attendees.
• No presenter can refuse attendance to any TESOL member.

Additional Information
If you would like to present, please fill in the application form and send us the relevant information by December 2nd 2012. The application form must be emailed to chair[at]tesolgreece.org. Alternatively, the applicant can fill in the electronic application form that can be found on the TESOL Greece website, at the bottom of this page. We regret that we cannot accept handwritten or typed summary information which is faxed or mailed to the TESOL Greece office. For your convenience, you can fill in and submit the on-line form, which is available on TESOL Greece website, at the bottom of this page. We invite you to share this information with colleagues, so please feel free to print out this letter and the accompanying application form and post them in your office or staff room. On behalf of TESOL Greece, we thank you for your interest. We are looking forward to seeing you at the Convention.

Best wishes,
The TESOL Greece Board of Directors 2012-2013


Application form (.word)
The application form in word will be uploaded soon

Click to submit your application electronically


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